2 pairs of 12months Magic color contact lenses


Magic color color contact lenses, 12months usage time in daily wear

This package contains one pair of Magic color two-tone color lenses. Magic color is a great color lens, which covers well your own eye color and changes it to a different color or makes your own color look more deep and beautifull. There are 5 color options for Magic color lenses:

blue, hazel (= dark brown), green, lila and turquoise. You may use one pair upto 12 months. It's time to change a new pair of lenses, when the old ones feels uncomfortable. 

For this lens all soft contact lens care solutions fits well. Magic color lens is very comfort to everyone's eyes. Users have been pleased and very satisfied with the lens comfort and to colours which covers your own eye colour very well. 

We deliver products from our stock in a few days. Only minus powers are available, plus powers are not for available from the factory.

Manufacturer: Migwang

Using time: max.12 months/pair The moisture content. 42%

Base curve (general value which fits to 98% users): 8.6

Diameter: 14.2

Packing Size: 2 lens

Covers very well dark eyes, but for example very dark brown eyes are possible to change only to be violet color. 

Unlike other webshop products, contact lenses are not accepted to return when the lens foil is opened and lens have been in touch with air according to finnish law. This is for the hygienia reasons, and the expiry time starts when the lens is taken out of the original factory box. 

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