Anti-theft safe backpack


Idea of the anti-theft backpack is that outside of the bag there are no zippers or pockets that anyone could open behind you. Move freely and safely with this new backpacks that holds laptops up to 17 inch. Enjoy its many features : External USB port, waterproof, tear-proof, lightweight, convenient and full of storage!

Material is so strong, not anyone can hit it with sharp items and get it opened.

with integrated USB charger will change the way you move.

With its integrated USB port you can charge your phone on the go without taking out your external battery.

Travel with a peace of mind on the subway or bus with its anti-intrusion locks. Plus this backpack is made of anti-cut polyester. Your items will be safe on every trip you take!

The anti-theft secure backpack is water resistant so no worries for your electronics during rainy days.

A background thickness of 6 mm makes this bag completely shock proof so don’t worry about your valuable electronics.

This backpack has been designed for people on the go and contains more than 10 different compartments: Laptop, tablet, passport, pens, keys, wallet, powerbank, water bottle, credit card. All your belongings have its dedicated pocket.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, traveling for business or pleasure, this top secure backpack is for you, or the best gift you ever gave to anyone.

Measurements: 43 x 16 x 11cm