Bluetooth Smart Bracelet Sport Healthy Watch Pedometer Sleep Monitor


The product is compact and lightweight, stylish, compact design, colorful wristband colors to create your high quality of life.

After each end of the exercise, the daily sleep, the results produced by the data will be synchronized to your Android phone APP inside, which is more intuitive to see these results.

Start tapping two fingers ring screen, built-in intelligent sensor health bracelet will capture the vibration, the screen will automatically light up, so more power. When the bracelet is switched to the sleep state, it will automatically monitor your sleep quality, make you own sleep quality at a glance.

Equipped with more accurate energy meter technology to the number of steps, mileage units, activities burn calories will be calculated accurately, make it easy for you to understand that the day that he went much further, the line number of meters, consumed how many calories for those keen on outdoor sports to lose weight and provide real-time monitoring service.

24H wear, 0 radiation safety and peace of mind to wear and without any worries.

Without data cable links, with intelligent terminal software, you can via App easier to master their own movement, manage their own motion data. More can be a key to start data synchronization, Bluetooth data transmission.

APP download:wristbandapp


1) Power switch / main menu toggle button / Enter / Return key;

2) OLED screen Display;

3) Charging port;

4) Operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ + 45 °C

5) Storage temperature: -40 ° C ~ + 45 °C;

6) Key life :> 10000;

7) Color: green, blue, rose red, yellow, black (pls tell us what color you want)

8) Screen size 0.91’

9) Maximum Standby: 100H

10) Bluetooth version: 4.0;

11) Dimensions: 43mmx17.1mm

12) Application System: Android

13) Weight: 31g

14) Basic functions: time display, Bluetooth, sports records, sleep monitoring, stopwatch


1 x Healthy Bracelet (pls tell us,what color you want,if not will send random)

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Manual