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Childrens handmade wooden teeth box

Childrens handmade wooden teeth box


Children's teeth box

Made of 100% wood.

Corrosion-resistant and durable for long-time tooth storage.
Protect and organizes baby teeth
Helps the parent keep records for each deciduous baby tooth.

Also first hairs can be storaged in the middle of the box.

Box is paintable if parents wants to paint it colorfull and unique.

Every deciduous tooth is unique for the baby, because it saves the memorable moments about the kid's growth.

Step 1: Keep a good memory. After taking your kid to extract his/her teeth, do not forget keep these cute teeth. A piece of memory that shall be cherished and thanked for by your family in the future!
Step 2: Sterilize extracted teeth. Put the extracted baby tooth in boiling water for around five minutes. 
Step 3: Natural dry teeth. The sterilized teeth shall be put in a place with good ventilation. 
Step 4: Keep a record. Write down related information

When the kids get about 6 year old, his/her teeth is getting deciduous. The specific time varies in each case even starting from 4 years. 

Makes a great gift for newborn baby or birthday or Christmas gift. 

Protect and organizes baby teeth,handmade, fine grinding
Collect baby teeth, Give the baby a wonderful childhood memories
Wood materials, permanent preservation, safety and environmental protection
Available in English versions

Size: 12.3cm*12.5cm*3cm

Style: Girl Image/Boy Image

Package Weight: 170g
Perfect gift for Christmas, New Year, Birthday Give your baby a wonderful childhood memories Collect baby teeth, a home for lost teeth
The smooth contour keeps the kids from hurting their fingers

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