Ultra flexible knee compression support sleeve


The knee brace offers great protection for knees injuries and knee pain. It prevents new injuries and protects old problems. It's easy to wear daily or only when training. Anti-slip design makes the product stable and not moving while You move. 

The compression support sleeve is probably one of the most flexible sleeves on the market It offers four-way maneuverability and ensures that your knees are supported while never compromising the mobility of your knees.

​This sleeve is also very breathable, and yet it still offers a great fit, as it’s nice and grippy as well. While the sleeve is thin and very comfortable to wear, it offers surprising support for injury prevention (minimal), or faster post-workout recovery. This sleeve can effortlessly be worn underneath your clothing without adding a bulky look to the mix.


  • Open-patella design
  • Reinforced trim
  • Velcro fasteners
  • Lateral support
  • Breathable material
  • Easy to wear
  • No-slip material and fit
  • Soft edge improve the comfort
  • Lightweight and durable
  • strong compression
  • 4 sizes fits all
  • Absorbs shock
  • Easy to clean
  • Lifetime support, and if not, lifetime warranty
  • Can help relieve knee joint pain
  • May relieve pain caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis, tendonitis, meniscus damage, and ligament sprains
  • Material 55% nylon, 35% elastic, 10% spandex 
  • colors: black-black, black-red, black-green, black-pink


    Measurements for suitable knee's circumference:

     - Size S: 30-34cm

    - Size M: 35-41cm

    - Size L: 42-47cm

    - Size XL:48-55cm

    Height of the product 27cm in all sizes.

    Like most knee compression sleeves, those who simply need a little bit of added support and some general compression around the knee joint could benefit from the Ultra Flex Athletics knee compression sleeve. Given that it's easy to put on and take off, it's comfortable to wear, and its not robust at all, this makes it a great option for everyday use as well. For example, those with knee pain and swelling from chronic conditions like osteoarthritis may find this to be a nice option.

    Since the sleeve is very lightweight, it allows you to move around while barely noticing that you’re wearing a support sleeve. At first you may notice the obvious compression, but throughout activity you will quickly become accustomed to it.

    • The sleeve offers a surprising amount of compression while still being able to maintain a full range of motion (or at least the range of motion that is normal for your knee). This can help protect the knee and it also promotes blood flow to the area, potentially enhancing the healing process. It’s also great if you want to reduce swelling and speed up the recovery process of your muscles after a workout.
    • Most people don't have to readjust the sleeve during a workout since it has been designed to prevent slippage. This ensures that you will have a good fit that won’t sacrifice mobility.
    • It’s a very lightweight and durable knee support sleeve.