Compression Socks For Men & Women


Compression socks helps you increase blood circulation in your calves and Achilles tendon, and are good in sports where you jump and make quick lateral movements. Compression socks are often used by runners for reducing the risk of cramps in calves. Compression socks are recovery socks and top good if you have a job where you are sitting or standing a lot. Using compression socks helps get less tired and stiff legs . Many physical therapists recommend compression socks for people who have problems with blood circulation and healing after surgery of the Achilles tendon. Compression socks are super good for those who are flying. The socks reduce the risk for foot swelling and clots.
Material: 15% cotton, 15% Polypropylene , 50% Polyamide, 20 % Elastane
Washing: 40 ° C degrees machine wash user group: in particular , runners, skiers, hikers , heavy for air travelers , and designed a sock , and to all whose feet have a particular burden or exposed to the swelling.