Easy zipper necktie 3-pack


3 sizes EASY solid color zipper neckties for men and boys

Made of durable, 100% polyester, this men's and boy's  necktie features a light satin finish for a sharp look and is standard sized to fit all men and smaller for boys. Great for individual style, enough for restaurant, staff or large group attire. 3 lenghts and widths. One set containes 1 size and 3 colors.



      3 sizes available:

  • Mini necktie: lenght 28cm, width 7cm, link around neck: adjustable, fits all, 15.5g
  • Medium necktie : lenght 34cm,width: 8cm, link around neck: adjustable, fits all,weight 21.5g

  • Large necktie: lenght 50cm, width:10cm, link around neck: adjustable, fits all 22.5g  FEATURES

  •  width, at the widest point
  • length, tip to tip
  • Made from 100% Polyester
  • Light satin and shiny finish
  • Easy to install because of the simple adjustable link
  • No need to know how to tie an original necktie knot
      5 color sets available:
  • 1. Dark gray-wine red- white
    2. Fuchsia red-purple-silver gray
    3. Green-red-black
    4. Pink-royal blue-light blue
    5. Rose-carrot orange-dark gray